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DBS For Tourette Syndrome

I highly recommend DBS treatment for Trevor Smith!

The FDA has not approved Deep Brain Stimulation for Tourette's patients because there aren't enough cases like this one. Insurance companies like Anthem Blue Cross and Aetna have denied covering this surgery for Trevor.

Unfortunately, for Trevor Smith and his family, this surgery is $160,000!!

Did your heart palpitate like mine just did? Please stand with me and help Trevor Smith receive the care he deserves (DBS surgery). He is a kind hearted, talented and intelligent 17 year old who will benefit tremendously from receiving this treatment. His tics keep him in constant motion and if we don't get him the proper treatment, this can be detrimental to muscles, bones and his overall health. As a parent, my heart goes out to the Smith family. They have experienced Tourette's on a very acute scale for 10 YEARS now!! Can you imagine having to deal with this every second of every minute of everyday? Neither can I. Let's get this done.

Learn more and make a donation at:

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