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On The Record: The Nurse With The Purple Hair

I'm so excited to bring you this interview with filmmaker Sean Cunningham and the star, Michelle Lasota, of his most recent documentary, 'The Nurse With The Purple Hair'! So often our society does not talk about the end of life but SPOILER ALERT: We're all going to die! So, in this interview, we talk about it!

The Nurse with the Purple Hair is a labor of love from world famous horror director, Sean S. Cunningham. His personal experiences and interaction with the people in this movie create an unexpectedly touching and inspiring story.

The film highlights how families can learn to accept death with compassion, wisdom, and grace. It’s impossible to watch this movie without feeling deeply grateful to these wonderful caring people as we watch them do their jobs with extraordinary kindness and love.

Our message: Be brave enough to have an end-of-life conversation that matters.

Get more information and watch the film! Go to:

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